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About Us:

Providing sailing training is our primary goal, but this is also our lifestyle.

We are in the pleasure of running a heirloom business.


Atilla Gökova Sailing has been established in order to teach sailing in the most accurate way and to show what seamanship really is.


Our trainings at different levels, which we provide to all age groups with boats suitable for every training concept, aim to introduce you to the seamanship culture.  


Every cruise made with amateur seafarers who respect the nature, are sensitive to the environment and care about team spirit will strengthen the mission of Atilla Gökova Sailing.

Atilla Gökova Says:

Dynamic, Realistic and an Accurate Education


It is pleasing that being a sailing instructor has become a new profession in our country. However, as in every sector, some of the corrupt points in this profession decrease the quality of sailing trainings. For this reason, the most important matter in my own sailing school is that the trainings are given by boats that are technically fully equipped.


The reason I am so sensitive about this matter is because of my first teacher and my father Cumhur Gökova.

It is my personal mission to spread the teachings of my father, who is the second Turkish circumnavigator, combined with my seamanship knowledge, which I've gained since my childhood, to amateur sailors.


We expect every sailor candidate who respects nature, sea and knowledge to sail to new horizons in the sea with us, where ideologies don't matter.


With deep love for every sea lover,


Atilla Gökova

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