Seamanship Trainings

Our trainings are gathered under 3 main headings and its aim is to improve the sailing skills of individuals who want to own a boat or just want to sail as a hobby. We prepare them safely for this unique world by equipping them with the right information.


* Basic Sailing Training:


The trainings we provide at the basic level are primarily based on introducing you with the world of sailing. It allows you to go to the intermediate and advanced level after completing trainings such as wind recognition, boat parts, basic maneuvers, basic docking and leaving.

Our basic sailing trainings are organized in Istanbul and in Aegean sea in the summer with or without accommodation in Sirena and First Lady boats.


* Intermediate Sailing Training:


In the middle level sailing trainings, you will gradually learn to take the responsibility of a captain, and you will learn important topics such as navigation, berthing, leaving, and rescuing men from the sea. These trainings are held in Istanbul and Aegean sea in summer with or without accommodation, in Sirena and First Lady.


* Advanced Level and Offshore Trainings:


Our advanced trainings will prepare you for possible setbacks and difficult conditions that you might encounter in a boat. You will also learn to solve the basic engine problems on the boat. These trainings are for long distance and with accommodation.



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